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      NOVA Online Portal
      NOVA APP & Web
      NOVA for solar energy systems remote monitoring & control product features

      NOVA APP & Web

      NOVA Online Portal

      NOVA APP & Web

      Monitor and Control Your Solar System Anywhere Anytime

      NOVA App and NOVA Web are FREE energy management and monitoring system designed by TBB POWER, displaying real-time data of all system components and history records, providing easy access to controlling the power generation and power consumption. According to historical data, users can actively adjust and optimize power consumption habits.

      Live data and status overview

      Live data and status overview

      System parameter setting

      System parameter setting

      Detailed report in chart & graph

      Detailed report in chart & graph

      Available with web & App

      Available with web & App

      Connect TBB System to NOVA via E4 LCD Monitor

      E4 LCD Monitor can connect your TBB System to the TBB NOVA online portal via Wi-Fi to monitor your system anywhere and anytime. When it is connected to the internet, all data is sent to NOVA online portal. When the internet connection is not available, the E4 LCD Monitor will store the data internally up to 7 days; when the internet connection restores, the data can be upaloaded to the NOVA online portal again.

      Transmit Data of TBB Systems to TBB NOVA through Kinergy II Wi-Fi

      Available with Wi-Fi version, the wireless data logger Kinergy II Wi-Fi is an external communication device connected to the TBB inverter through DB9 interface. Through NOVA Web or APP, it offers a convenient way to monitor the system performance remotely.

      Transmit Data of TBB Systems to TBB NOVA through Ethernet

      Ether-link is specially designed for transmitting the real-time running data and historical records of TBB systems to TBB NOVA Web and APP for system monitoring and control purposes, yet it connects to the Internet via cable.

      NOVA for solar energy systems remote monitoring & control applications

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      When connected to the Kinergy wireless data logger, your TBB System can be monitored, managed, and optimized via NOVA App or NOVA Web anywhere anytime. The access to TBB NOVA can be a phone, a tablet, or a laptop, displaying real-time data and historical records, catching potential issues early by setting alerts and alarms, and providing an easy access to controlling power generation, storage and consumption and more…

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